Information on the Managing Director

Gerhard Stindl
Dr. tech
  Land use planning studies in Vienna  
1978 - 1980 Institute for Environmental Research Graz
1981 - 1997 Office of the Lower Austria Regional Government, from 1993 Deputy Head of General Traffic Affairs Department
1987 - 1997 Authorised officer of the Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region GmbH company
1993 - 1997  Managing Director of NÖVOG
1997 - 2001 Board Member of Österreichische Bundesbahnen
since 1999 Chairman of the Railways Trade Group of the Lower Austria Economic Chamber  
2001 Foundation of the GESTICO Gerhard Stindl Management und Unternehmensberatung GmbH company  
since 2002 Managing Director of the Niederösterreichische Schneebergbahn GmbH company  
since 2005 Managing Director of the Schneeberg Sesselbahn GmbH company  
since 2010 Managing Director of NÖVOG   
since 2011 Managing Director of the Bergbahnen Mitterbach GmbH company  
since 2011 Member of the Board of the Insurance Institute for the Austrian Railways & Mining Industry (VAEB)
since 2017 Managing Director of the NÖVOG Infrastruktur GmbH company